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YAESU - FTV-1000

High-Performance 50 MHz Transverter

200 Watts Power Output
The FTV-1000 utilizes the 30-volt power supply of the Mark-V to provide 200 Watts of power output on the six-meter band. Compared to the typical 100-Watt rig on the band, this is the equivalent of stacking another antenna on your tower! Class A operation is also available at the 50-Watt level, as on the Mark-V mainframe.
Dual Preamplifiers
Depending on your local noise profle, you may choose either of two receiver input preamplifiers. For operation from a very quiet location on esoteric modes like EME (Moonbounce), the higher gain of Preamp 2 can make a significant difference in signal detection.
Class-A Bias Selection
When Class A is selected, power putput is reduced to 50 Watts, while 5th- and higher-order transmitter IMD typically falls to -65 dB or better, ensuring that you have the cleanest signal on the band.

Because Class A involves a continuous-duty dissipation of about 200 Watts, the thermostatically-controlled fan system ensures thermal stability during Class A operation.
Power Up with the VL-1000 Linear Amplifier
For an even bigger voice on 6 meters, choose teh VL-1000 linear amplifier, which includes coverage of the HF bands plus six meters! Providing at least 500 Watts of power output (even more when operating from 240 Volts AC), the VL-1000 will help make you a "big gun" on the 50 MHz band!!

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