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The role of airband communications is vital in ensuring flight safety and is used to exchange information between a pilot and control tower, a pilot and ground mechanic or between two pilots. Leveraging our technological expertise acquired through the years as communication specialists, we developed an ultra small 5W output capacity portable transceiver, which was extremely well received in the market by pilots and other aviation professionals alike. The product represented a technological breakthrough and achieved a miniaturization unlike any other competing product.

It was the result of combining the latest in manufacturing technology using the most advanced surface mounting technology and our long term experience in RF technology. Small as it is, it is multifunctional, having a VOR function that receives VOR radio waves from airports confirming the direction of an aircraft and displaying it in a navigation format as well as receiving information from weather report channels throughout the entire U.S.A. It has also cleared the U.S. Department of Defense MIL-810D standard, certifying its reliability. For our next offering in the airband market, we introduced an ultra thin, cost efficient 4W output transceiver. We hope to further contribute to aircraft safety through our portable communications equipment.

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