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FT-257 UHF 70 cm 5W FM Single Band Handheld Transceiver



The FT-257 is a compact, simple to operate handheld radio that provides up to 5 Watts of RF power, along with loud audio output (800 mW) for the 70cm amateur band. The FT-257 ruggedly constructed water resistant body is sealed tight to meet IPX5 protection requirements. It is packed with popular and valuable features demanded by Amateur Radio operators around the world.



Compact and High Performance - the Perfect Handheld for Regular Reliable Communications


Compact Size
Case Size 2.45” (W) x 4.74” (H) x 1.52” (D) without knob, antenna, & belt clip
Light Weight
9.9 oz with furnished battery, antenna, and belt clip
Large LCD Diplay
New Ergonomic design and Large Backlit LCD Display for better operation
5 Watts of Reliable RF Power
RF Power Output 5.0 W (High) / 2.0 W (Middle) / 0.5 W (Low) (@7.4 V)
Loud Audio
800 mW of Loud Audio for noisy field operations
Wide Frequency Range
RX 400 - 480 MHz. TX 430 - 450 MHz
Rugged Case and Submersible
Rugged case construction and Submersible (Water Protection
IPX5 Rating)
Lockout Capabilites
Password Protection Keypad/Dial/PTT Lockout
Plenty of Memory Channels
200 Memory Channels for Serious users
Smart Search
Smart Search for easily select active channels
CTCSS and DCS Flexibility
CTCSS (50 tones) and DCS (104 codes) Encode/Decode, with
split Tone and DCS Encode-only capability
DTMF Auto-Dial
Nine DTMF Auto-dialer memories
Automatic Repeater Shift (ARS)
Automatic Repeater Shift (ARS)
Lots of Scanning Mode Flexibility: VFO / Memory / PMS / Dual Watch
Adjustable TX Deviation
TX Deviation level is adjustable (±5 kHz or ±2.5 kHz)
Emergency Features
Emergency Operation (Alarm, Flash, Morse Code Message)
Automatic Power Off
Transmit Time-Out-Timer (TOT) and Automatic Power-Off (APO) included
Battery Voltage Display
Know in at instant how much batter life is still available
Automatic Transponder System
ATS (Automatic Transponder System) "beeps" when moving out of communication range
Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO)

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