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The world had never seen a dual-band amateur hand-held transceiver which provides such an incredible small size combined with ultra-wide frequency coverage until the introduction of the VX-1R! Sporting dimensions of 81H x 47W x 25D mm (3.2" x 1.9" x 1"), weighing just over 4 ounces, the VX-1R provides superb local communications at a power level of 500 mW or 1 Watt, while including impressive memory and scanning capabilities in addition to wideband receive capability which includes VHF and UHF TV audio, AM broadcast, FM broadcast, AM aircraft band, and public safety channels.

Up to 1 Watt of Power Output
When using the standard 3.6 volt Lithium-Ion battery, the VX-1R transmits at 500 mW. When the optional E-DC-15 DC cable is attached, the power output increases to 1 Watt.

And for short-duration emergency operation, the optional FBA-20 alkaline battery adapter allows for a power output of 100 mW, using a single "AA" cell (not supplied).
Lithium-Ion Battery
The supplied FNB-52LI High-Capacity Lithium-Ion battery is a breakthrough in DC power technology in the Amateur Radio industry. While occupying the same space as a standard "AA" cell, the FNB-52LI provides 3.6 volts at an incredible 700 mAh of current capacity!
Wide Band Receive
Besides being a full-featured Dual-Band Amateur transceiver, the VX-1R provides extraordinarily wide frequency coverage of 500-1700 kHz plus 76 - 999 MHz (cellular blocked), which includes AM BC, FM BC, public safety, and audio from most TV channels. The operating mode (AM, FM-Narrow, FM-Wide) is automatically preset according to the frequency selected, and you'll marvel at the great audio on the FM broadcast band!
291 Memory Channels
The VX-1R's extensive memory system includes two main channel groups, with different operating capabiities. Group 1 (52 channels) can store simplex or semi-duplex frequencies (odd splits), CTCSS/DCS tone mode and frequency, power output, and 6-digit alpha-numeric labels. Group 2 (142 channels) stores frequency plus standard repeater offsets, CTCSS/DCS tone mode, power output level, and alpha-numeric labsls. Additionally, 31 Smart Search™ memory channels, 10 pairs of band-limit memories, and ten dedicated AM broadcast memories bring the total memory capacity up to 291 channels!
Dual Watch
The VX-1R's Dual Watch feature lets you monitor a main operating frequency while periodically checking a second frequency for activity. If a station appears on the "Dual Watch" frequency, the transceiver will lock onto that frequency so you can respond to the calling station.

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