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 Serial Number *1
・Portable Node
 Radio ID *2

*1 : WIRES-X Node connection with HRI-200 Interface
・Input the 8-digit alphanumeric I/F HRI-200 Serial number for WIRES.
(NOTE: this serial number is different from the transceiver serial number.)
・The serial number is located on the bottom of the HRI-200.
※The 2nd digit of the serial number is an alphabet character.
(Be careful not to input a number instead of "I" or "O".)

*2:WIRES-X portable digital node station (HRI-200 is not used)
・The C4FM transceivers capable of Portable digital node station operation are the FT3D, FT2D, FTM-400XD/D, FTM-300D and FTM-100D
・Input the 5-digit alphanumeric "Radio ID" of the transceiver used for the Portable digital node station.
Click here for the procedure to confirm the "Radio ID" of the Portable digital node station transceiver