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Our newest Top of the Line, with 200 Watts of Power, Class-A SSB, Receiver Preselector, and Interlocking Digital Bandwidth Tracking. For Elite-Class DX and Contest operators!

200 Watts PEP Transmitter Output
The Mark-V FT-1000MP utilizes a conservatively-designed power amplifier, consisting of a pair of Philips BLF147 Power MOS FETs, in a 30-Volt push-pull configuration. A fast-acting automatic antenna tuner and revolutionary heat sink design ensure reliable operation, even during the heavy duty cycle conditions of contest or Class-A operation.
Class-A PA Operation
The Mark-V is the first commercially-produced Amateur transceiver to provide Class-A operation for its power amplifier.

When engaged by the front panel's [CLASS-A] switch, the PA bias is changed dramatically, and the Mark-V puts out a 75-Watt signal envelope of astounding purity: during Class-A operation, SSB 5th- and higher-order Intermodulation Distortion (the kind that contributes to "splatter" reports) will drop to the -80 dB range!

And while the Mark-V's Class-A feature does not directly affect your linear amplifier's performance, the extremely clean drive to your linear will result in dramatically cleaner overall signal reproduction.
IDBT: Interlocked Digital Bandwidth Tracking System
The Mark-V includes a unique and formidable interference-fighting system with the development of IDBT, whereby the bandwidth of the Digital Signal Processing is automatically locked to be the same as the net bandwidth of the analog IF filters. With IDBT, the bandwidth established by the IF filter selection, as well as the settings of the IF Shift and WIDTH controls, is replicated in the DSP, yielding a razor-sharp selectivity slope that resembles a sheer cliff!

The combined system of IF analog and DSP filtering means you are not depending totally on a DSP chip for all of your selectivity. When the bands are really crowded in a big contest, you need the selectivity edge provided by the Mark-V!
Variable RF Front-End Filter (Preselector)
Yaesu's engineers have incorporated a high-Q "VRF" preselector filter for the Mark-V and Field transceivers, affording exceptional RF selectivity on the 160 - 20 meter bands, where antenna dimensions can be large, leading to high input signal voltages. The VRF filter is engaged using mechanical relays, not diodes that can contribute IMD, and it may be manually adjusted from the front panel.
Enhanced Ergonomics: Multi-Function Shuttle Jog Dial
The immensely-popular Shuttle Jog tuning ring, which is concentric with the Main Tuning Knob, has a new look in the Mark-V: it now includes the activation switches for the VRF (left side) and IDBT (right side) features, so it is not necessary to move one's hand position to activate these important features during contest or pile-up situations!

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