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Since its introduction, Yaesu's FT-100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver has been widely acclaimed for its outstanding performance and flexibility. Now the FT-100D builds on this success story, adding the convenience of factory-installed modules for today's Ham on the go!

Now including. . .
• Built-in XF-117C 500 Hz CW Filter • Built-in TCXO-8 High-Stability Reference Crystal • Built-in FTS-27 CTCSS Decoder Unit • Large, High-Quality Speaker

Rugged, High-Output Transmitter Design
The FT-100D's power amplifier section utilizes MOS FET devices, providing low noise, low distortion, and high reliability. The HF/50 MHz section produces 100 Watts of output, while the VHF/UHF section generates 50 Watts of power on 2 meters, and 20 Watts on 70 cm.
High-Performance Receiver Design
Building on the acclaimed performance of the FT-1000D, FT-1000MP, and FT-847, the Yaesu design team have crafted the FT-100D's front end for a very low noise floor and wide dynamic range. Utilizing an up-conversion architecture for HF with a 68.985 MHz first IF, the FT-100D features a double-conversion superheterodyne system (triple-conversion on FM) with the second IF at 11.705 MHz.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
For superior interference rejection and transmitter "talk power," the FT-100D's DSP circuitry enhances both sides of the communications circuit. The FT-100D's DSP Unit features a 24-bit high-tech D/A chip for signal processing, and includes bandpas filtering, noise reduction, notch filtering, and a microphone equalizer.
Advanced Features for Active DXers
Boasting features typically only found on much larget base station transceivers, the FT-100D includes IF Shift, a highly-effective IF Noise Blanker, Intercept Point Optimization for strong signal environments, VOX, a Clarifier (RIT), Adjustable AGC, and an RF Gain control for precise setting of the receiver gain.
CW Operating Flexibility
For the CW lover, the FT-100D includes such popular features as a built-in iambic keyer, CW message memory, full QSK, CW "reverse sideband" capability, CW Pitch control, and the availability of an ultra-narrow 300 Hz crystal, model XF-117CN (a 500 Hz CW filter is built in).

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