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imageOur global group of companies exports products to over 130 countries around the world. We currently have five marketing and sales offices: Los Angeles (U.S.A.), Miami (U.S.A.), London (U.K.), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Hong Kong. With a global network covering the four regions of Japan, Asia, North, Central and South America and Europe, our marketing and sales force is characterized by cross-border team efforts. Information from overseas is transmitted 24 hours a day through our computer network and is accumulated in the headquarters database where it is used by the product planning and development departments in developing new products. Through technical conferences and sales conventions that frequently take place abroad, we intend to further strengthen our ties with foreign companies and affiliates.

imageThe domestic sales and marketing functions operate under the corporation Standard Co., Ltd. and the offices, which are located in the seven major cities of Japan, form the cornerstone of a powerful distribution network. The offices are staffed with communication equipment specialists with extensiveß@knowledgeß@of commercial use, ham radio and data communications. These specialists, with customer satisfaction as their number one priority, provide solutions, including sales, marketing and after sales service, to the varied communication needs of customers, whether it be for business or pleasure. In addition, information gathered through the sales and marketing channels is relayed back to the product planning and development divisions and utilized in developing future sales and product strategies.
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