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imageIn the communications equipment industry, advances in manufacturing technology are taking place while higher precision and miniaturization of products is also being sought. For professional use communications equipment, a number of tests must be performed including various electric property tests, environmental tests and reliability tests. Our products are manufactured in factories approved with ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 series international standards for product quality. Products are manufactured using a combination of the newest manufacturing technologies such as the world▀fs latest 1005 surface chip mounter and the experienced craftsmanship of our talented engineers. To maintain high quality control standards, the manufacturing department maintains close interactions with the R&D department. By linking the CAD/CAM data from the engineering department and automating the manufacturing process, we are realizing even further gains in product consistency and reliability. None of this would be possible however without the pride and care that goes into each product by of our experienced craftsmen. Other production efficiency improvements include the introduction of an automatic testing system and a system of timely delivery of parts.
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