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C4FM/FM 430MHz 55W Mobile Transceiver
The new FTM-3207DR provides high output power, with incremental power levels from 5 to 55 Watts. Thanks to a heavyduty
heat sink that includes our exclusive FACC (Funnel Air-Convention Conductor) Wind Tunnel, the design of this new
mobile ensures stable and reliable performance for long-lasting communications. The Front-Facing Speaker delivers 3
Watts of abundant and crystal clear audio; engineered for stress-free and enjoyable communications - even in noisy
As with other YAESU C4FM transceivers, the FTM-3207DR incorporates the Automatic Mode Select (AMS) function -
allowing all operators to enjoy seamless communications between conventional FM analog and C4FM digital users.
Naturally, the enhanced Digital Group Monitor (GM) function and DG-ID/DP-ID operation are also available. Utilizing the
DG-ID/DP-ID, operators can configure the radio for group communications in the UHF band according to their operational
preferences and requirements.

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