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Heavy-Duty VHF FM Transceiver

Powerful, Reliable and Certified Mil-Spec Tough!

The FT-2600M, the most ruggedly-built 2-meter amateur transceiver ever, provides 60 Watts of power along with Yaesu’s renowned bullet-proof receiver front end. Direct keypad frequency entry, Alpha-Numeric Memory System, the high-output, front-mounted speaker, and unsurpassed ergonomics make the FT-2600M an operator’s dream come true!

Built Mil Spec Tough- Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of shock and vibration encountered in mobile operation, the FT-2600M’s rugged construction is without peer in the amateur industry. Certified tough according to MIL-STD 810, the FT-2600M will provide years of reliable performance under the most difficult operating conditions.

Built to the exacting requirements of both the commercial radio industry as well as the U.S. military's MIL-STD 810, the FT-2600M is constructed using and aluminum diecast chassis/heatsink assembly, providing outstanding mechanical and thermal stability for the internal components. With extended receive coverage of 134-174 MHz, you can monitor weather broadcasts along with public-safety and other Land Mobile communications. On transmit the 60 Watts of true FM power output provides you with excellent coverage, and enhanced voice clarity. Yaesu's popular Omni-Glow™ display is easy to read from all viewing angles, and Windows™ PC Programming software is available as an option. At home or away, the FT-2600M is ready for action!

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