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All-Mode Wide Band Receiver

 Carry the world with you! Continuous coverage: 100 kHz to 1299.99995 MHz! All mode reception: FM, Wide-FM, USB, LSB, CW, and AM! Huge memory capacity: 1091 Channels!



Miniature High-Performance Monitoring Station
Yaesu's years of hand-held transceiver design know-how bring you the ultra-compact VR-500 Receiver, measuring just 2.28" x .95" x 3.74" (58 x 24 x 95 mm) and weighing less than 1/2 lb. (220 g)! Take the VR-500 anywhere you go...and stay on top of the action!
Multiple Power Source Capability
The VR-500 accepts a variety of DC power sources. For everyday portable operation, use two "AA" batteries. Available as an option is the FNB-59 Ni-Cd Battery Pacvk, which can be recharged for maximum convenience. For operation from your car or truck, choose the E-DC-5B DC Cable with Cigar-Lighter plug. Also available are the NC-60B/C AC Adapter and the E-DC-6 DC Cable, for use with an external DC power source.
Wide Band, Multi-Mode Frequency Coverage
Providing continuous* frequency coverage from 100 kHz through 1299.99995 MHz, the VR-500 includes reception of narrowband FM, wideband FM (for broadcast/TV), SSB (USB/LSB), CW, and AM.

* Cellular telephone frequencies are blocked and cannot be restored.
Direct Keypad Frequency Entry
For ease of access to any operating frequency, use the frot panel's 10-key keypad to enter the frequency digits directly. And for tuning the bands, the VR-500 features automatic mode ad frequency step selection, to align you with the standard band configuratons in use worldwide.
Real-Time 60-Channel Band Scope
For monitoring band activity above and below your current listening frequency, the VR-500 provides one-touch access to its 60-channel Band Scope (range: 6 MHz; steps: 100 kHz). The radio will sweep the band, making a note of activity on the band, so you can quickly move frequency to listen to active channels.

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