WiRES-II Update Version
@iMay 21,2007.@UPDATEj

WiRES-II may not work properly at all after December 31, 2007, if you use any versions released prior to Ver 3.301. Please update your latest WiRES-II program as soon as possible. (NB: The current latest version - Ver. 3.401)     
This is for the system security and stability enhancement.

Vertex Standard is pleased to announce the availability of a new upgrade to WiRES-II.  
You may download the latest version, Ver. 3.401 from the download site.

We recommend all the WiRES node users using the versions prior to Ver. 3.301 to upgrade to Ver. 3.401 as soon as possible. The previous versions may not work properly after December 31, 2007.

Please see below for information regarding the differences between V3.301 and 3.401:

*Security enhancement when registering on the WiRES-II Server.
*Clock synchronization function with a time server on the Internet.
*Not to fall the PC on Sleep/Stand-by when WiRES-II is active.
*The Round QSO Room counters (Tm) to display 3 digits.
(The Tm column lists the number of nodes that have checked
into each Room.)

*Accept up to 249 stations in a Round QSO Room.(When you
have set up Round QSO Room)
*An additional file format (XML) for the Make List.
*Detail adjustment for Sound, PTT Adjustment Control and

*Compatibility : Windows 98SE/Windows Me (may have some restrictions), Windows 2000, Windows XP.  (NB: Currently,
not supporting Windows Vista and anything prior to Windows

Notice to the Round QSO Room owners

Please make your limitation of its maximum check-in stations as minimum as possible and necessary. You may need more memory capacity with your node PC or need faster broadband internet capability if you have more stations than your current PC/internet capability.

In case using any additional sound card not originally installed in your PC :

You will select MIC or Line IN for Voice in select when using the sound card originally installed in you PC.   If you install additional sound card (PCI or USB, etc.) not to use your original PC installed sound card, WiRES-II may not properly work.   Following procedure may avoid this conflict.

1.Start WiRES-II with your original sound card (not installing the additional card) and choose Other for your Voice in select.

2.Exit WiRES-II

3.Turn off you PC and install your additional sound card properly in accordance with its manufacturefs suggestion.

4.After completion of your installation, turn on your PC and choose Sound and Audio Devices (Click on the Start Menu, Choose Control Panel (Settings -> Control Panel)) to obtain Sound and Audio Devices Properties and click the Audio tub.

5.Check with your Default devices (for both the gSound playbackh and the gSound recordingh)

6.Check and confirm if gPrefferd deviceh is chosen for each.

7.Re-start WiRES-II.

8.You will see the dialogue gThere are no contorols assciated with the selected line. (Volume)h Click gOKh to continue

9.When your Wires-II turns on, you are no longer able to adjust your audio level (as appears in gray) shown on the right end corner of your display since Other is selected at the Voice in select.  
Adjust your audio level with your original Windows (Operating system) volume control.

WiRES-II Ver. 3.401 Requirements (IMPORTANT)

Due to functional enhancement of Ver. 3.401, following is minimum requirement.  
The WiRES-II System Ver. 3.401 may not properly work if not satisfying this minimum requirement.Vertex Standard may not be able to support any environments not satisfying this minimum requirement.

*Operating system : Windows 98SE/Windows Me (may have some restrictions), Windows 2000, Windows XP.  (NB: Currently, not supporting Windows Vista and anything prior to Windows 95)

*Processor : *Intel R Pentium II 400 MHz or faster

*RAM : 128 MB or more preferred. 256 MB or more preferred if accepting more than 10 stations at the same time at your Round QSO Room. If using any security software programs, etc. together, you may need more than its preferred RAM of each software program

HDD : At least 100 MB of available hard disk space

*Display : 1280 x 768 color display recommended with 256-bit color support on the video card

*8 kHz Sound Card

*56 kbps or DSL 8M (for Round QSO Room owners) or faster internet connection

*COM PORT (RS-232C) : You will need to install an after-market USB<->RS-232C (COM) changer interface if your PC does not have any COM ports.

Others :When using Voice function, you will need to install the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 (for Windows98SE, Me, or 2000).  You will also need to download from the download site to obtain additional voice audio modules even though you are using Windows XP (that originally includes the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1).

History : Previous Release Note Here

Download : Click Here