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We are pleased to announce preliminary information about the new FTM-500DR 50W, C4FM/FM, 144/430MHz, Dual Band Digital Mobile Transceiver. The FTM-500D shares the Yaesu core features, utilizing the latest C4FM Digital technology with many new features and improvements.

Delivers Clear & Powerful High-fidelity Audio

Front Speaker, with AESS* Dual Speaker System

*(AESS: Acoustic Enhanced Speaker System)


Uncomplicated and Effortless Dual Band Mobile Operation

Innovative Smart Operating System with TOUCH&GO / SEARCH&GO Functions

*(E2O:Easy to Operate -IV)

TOUCH & GO enables initiating communications quickly by touching the target frequency

SEARCH & GO enables Dual-Receive of a desired frequency during Main channel operation 


The new FTM-500DR will be available end of March 2023. As of February 2023, this device has not been approved by the FCC. 


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