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The world’s smallest Dual-Band HT with up to 1.5 Watts* of output power is your high-tech gateway to the world, via VHF, UHF, Shortwave Broadcast, Marine and Aircraft bands, or WIRES™ Internet linking! The world’s smallest Dual-Band HT with up to 1.5 Watts* of output power is your high-tech gateway to the world, via VHF, UHF, Shortwave Broadcast, Marine and Aircraft bands, or WiRES™ Internet linking!

• Dual-Channel "Priority" Operation
• VOX (optional VC-25 Headset required)
• RF Squelch Only responds to signals exceeding user-set  signal strength
• Channel Counter Searches for frequency of strong nearby  station
• Automatic Repeater Shift (ARS)
• ARTS™ Auto-Range Transponder System
• Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO)
• DC Voltage Meter
• Wide/Narrow Deviation Setting
• Cloning For quick transfer of programming data between two VX-2 series
• 1750 Hz Tone Calling For European Repeater Access

Ultra Compact, Ultra Rugged!
The VX-2 series unbelievably small, 1 Amp-hour Lithium-Ion
battery pack powers a high-efficiency PA circuit to
provide as much as 3 Watts (144 MHz) when using an
external power source. This from a case even smaller than
that of the VX-1R: 1.89" x 3.19" x 0.91" WHD (47 x 81 x 23 mm,
w/o knob and antenna), weighing just 4.7 ounces (132 g,
including antenna/FNB-82LI Battery). With its rugged
die-cast aluminum chassis, the VX-2 series is built to
last, and its big voice will get your transmission through!
Up to 3 Watts of Power Output!
Despite its compact size, the VX-2 series provides 1.5 Watts
of 144 MHz power output (430 MHz: 1 Watt) while using
the internal FNB-85LI Lithium-Ion Battery pack. Connect
the optional E-DC-21 DC Adapter Cable, and power output
increases to 3 Watts on 144 MHz, and 2 Watts on 430
MHz! And while the "Low Power" setting may be used
for short-range communications, you can just touch the
[F] key to engage "High" power for one transmission!
Wide-Band Receiver Coverage!
Besides 144- and 430-MHz transceive operation, the
VX-2 series provides receive coverage of the AM (MF)
and FM broadcast bands, HF Shortwave Bands, VHF
and UHF TV bands, the VHF AM aircraft band, and a
wide range of commercial and public safety frequencies,
from 500 kHz up to 999 MHz (cellular frequencies are blocked).
Special Memory Banks!
Special pre-programmed Memory Banks are loaded, at
the factory, for monitoring of the Marine, Shortwave, and
NOAA Weather Bands, for quick access to stations of
interest. The Weather Band feature includes a "Severe
Weather" alert that sounds an alarm when the 1050 Hz
alert tone is transmitted by a NOAA weather broadcast
station (U.S. version), ideal for emergency operations.
User-Friendly Front Panel!
Thanks to the large button size, ergonomic case design,
and carefully-crafted operating firmware, the VX-2 series
is incredibly simple to operate the first time you pick it
up! And its keys and large LCD screen become illuminated
whenever a key is pressed or the tuning dial is turned,
for ease of nighttime use.
WiRES™ Internet Access Key and DTMF Autodialer
For ease of access to a local node station
utilizing Vertex Standard’s WiRES™
Internet Linking system, the front panel
"Internet" key generates the DTMF tone
needed for system access. And 16-digit,
9-memory DTMF Auto-dialer for
autopatch use, or Internet access via a
Activating the "Emergency" feature from the front panel,
you’ll place the VX-2 series on the 430 MHz "Home" channel
frequency you’ve selected,
an alarm beep will be
emitted from the speaker
(containing a CW "SOS"
message, if you like), and
the front panel’s Strobe
LED will flash a brilliant
white visual beacon.

Scanning Modes for All Occasions!
The VX-2 series allows you to scan just the memory
channels, the entire operating band, or a portion of that
band. It will halt on signals encountered, so you can talk
to the station(s) on that frequency, if you like. The VX-2
series display will automatically become illuminated
when an active channel is found.
100 Programmable Band-Limit Memories!
To limit scanning within a user-defined sub-band range,
or to prevent incursion into the SSB/CW portions of the
bands, you may utilize the 50 pairs of Programmable
Memory Scan memories to establish sub-band limits for
tuning or scanning.
Preferential Scan List
Within the "regular" memories, you may designate certain
memories in a "Preferential Scan List." If scanning is
initiated while operating on one of the "preferred" channels,
the scanning loop will only include those channels on the
"preferred" list.
Over 1300 Memory Channels
The VX-2 series incredible memory capacity includes
900 "regular" memories, 11 "Home" channels, 50 pairs
of "Band Edge" memories, in addition to 100 channels
which allow you to "skip" particular frequencies during
band scanning. And each memory may have a sixcharacter
Label appended, for quick channel identification.

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