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The VX-5R’s ruggedness and durability are assured thanks to the die-cast aluminum housing, augmented by an extensive gasketing system which sets a new standard for water resistance among amateur HTs. Tough enough to have passed the stringent shock and vibration requirements of the U.S. military (MIL-STD 810), the VX-5R also boasts such signature Yaesu features as loud, crisp receiver audio, a large easy-to-read LCD display, and straightforward operation. The VX-5R is the unquestioned leader in HT technology now and into the Millennium!

Rugged Die-Cast Construction
The VX-5R is built into a rugged aluminum die-cast housing, augmented by an extensive gasketing system to resist moisture ingress. Tough enough to have passed the stringent shock and vibration requirements of the U.S. Military (MIL-STD 810), the VX-5R is available in both Black (VX-5R) and Silver (VX-5RS) versions.
High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
The outstanding power output and long battery life of the VX-5R are made possible by the supplied FNB-58LI Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, which supplies 7.2 Volts at an incredible 1100 mAh. Depending on the power output selected and your operating patterns, operating times of 6 to 12 huors are now possible without re-charging! And the supplied NC-72B/C AC Adapter provides charging of the FNB-58LI in less than five hours.
Ultra-Wide Frequency Coverage
Wide-band VHF/UHF receiver coverage (48 - 729, 800-999 MHz, cellular blocked) is combined with AM medium-wave and shortwave reception (0.5 - 16 MHz), for more operating enjoyment than ever. The operating mode of the VX-5R is automatically preset for each operating band, with easy manual mode change provided via the Menu system, if needed.
Extensive Memory System
The VX-5R's memory system provides 220 "regular" memories, a "Home" channel on each band, 10 pairs of band-edge-limit memories, and five memory groups; up to 24 channels from the main memory can be stored into each memory group.

Memory channels can have an eight-character alpha-numeric label appended to them, for easy channel recognition.
CTCSS and DCS Encoder/Decoder Circuits Built In
The VX-5R includes a wide variety of tone encoding and decoding systems for today's active Ham.

Included are a 39-tone CTCSS Encoder/Decoder, a 104-Code DCS (Digital Code Squelch) Encoder/Decoder, a Menu-driven 1750-Hz Tone Burst system for European repeaters, Tone Search, in case you don't know the access tone required for the repeater you're on, and a nine-memory DTMF Autodialer, for autopatch or Internet-linking access.
Flexible Scanning Options
The VX-5R provides flexible scanning, including scan halt options of "Carrier Drop," "5-second Pause," and "Stop" (no resumption of scanning).

The VX-5R may be instructed to scan the VFOs, the Memories, or a portion of the VFO range, and the LCD's illumination can be programmed to light up when scanning halts.

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