WIRES-II Round Table QSO Room Registration
The Round Table QSO Room feature of Version 3.11 of WIRES-II is a much-anticipated addition to the functionality of WIRES-II. As with any new feature, there are new conditions and limitations to understand before beginning operation, and your attention is directed to the information below. We hope and trust that you and your friends will enjoy the addition of a Round Table QSO Room to your node.

WIRES-II Round Table QSO Room Capacity Information

1. The WIRES-II Round-Table QSO Room feature operates only with Version 3.11 or later versions of the WIRES-II software.

2. Compared to regular WIRES-II operation, there is significantly more computer activity involved in Round-Table QSO operation, and therefore the computer specifications are more sophisticated. We recommend the use of WindowsR 2000 or later OS, a Pentium 3/500 MHz system, and at least 128 MB of memory. The Round Table QSO Room may function on a lesser system, but performance may not be optimal. Please check your system before downloading/installing the Round-Table QSO Room software, to ensure compatibility.

3. Depending on the computers used in the connecting nodes, and the number of nodes connecting to your Round Table QSO Room, there may be instances where audio quality is degraded somewhat. You may need to restrict the number of nodes capable of checking into your Round Table QSO Room, based on the above limitations. Use of a high speed line, above ADSL8M, will significantly improve throughput and Round Table QSO Room system performance.

Examples of Round-Table QSO Room Use Topics

You may wish to look at the list of Round-Table QSO Rooms, to see if there is a Room corresponding to your own interests. If so, you may not need to start one yourself.

1. If not, we invite you to start one! Typical topics might include DX, Internet linking, antique radios, mobile installations, computers, sports, you name it! We recommend that you put some information out about your QSO Room, so users will be able to determine which Room they would like to enter (so they also will avoid tying up capacity on the wrong Room).

2. You may also wish to do a periodic Roll Call, so as to see which nodes are also actively connected, and which may be somewhat gidleh at the moment, so you, as the Round Table QSO Room moderator, can manage the Roomfs capacity better.

Conditions of Use

1. As with regular WIRES-II operation, YAESU MUSEN has developed the Round Table QSO Room capability for the enjoyment of the Amateur community, but we specifically disclaim and responsibility for any annoyance or inconvenience that may be caused by service interruptions or other anomalies in Round Table QSO Room operation. Please remind your users of this situation, and do not allow users to engage in activity detrimental to the enjoyment of WIRES by other users. YAESU MUSEN retains the right to suspend operating privileges for any node owner on the WIRES-II system at YAESU MUSEN fs sole discretion.

YAESU MUSEN may, periodically, interrupt WIRES-II operation, including Round Table QSO Room capability, for server or other system maintenance. YAESU MUSEN disclaims responsibility for and shall be held harmless from any claims arising from such service interruptions.

The WIRES-II system, its software, and electronic and printed software are all copyrighted intellectual property of YAESU MUSEN Co., Ltd., and lay not be copied or reproduced in any form, fowarded to third parties, or otherwise released to other entities without the express written consent of YAESU MUSEN.

We will e-mail you the Round Table QSO Room ID number in a timely manner upon receipt of a properly-completed Application Form. It is not possible for you to assign yourself, or any other entity, an ID number.

The setup program, manual, and further information about the Round Table QSO Room are all available from the WIRES-II Download Site (http://www.yaesu.com/jp/en/wiresinfo-en/). Once you are properly registered and have your ID number, please visit the Download Site.

All aspects of WIRES-II operation are covered by the WIRES

7.End-User License Agreement, viewable as a PDF file below.