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Spirit Series

The multiple capabilities of the VXA-710 Spirit yield unmatched operating and monitoring opportunities for the owner on the go! 

Besides full voice transmit and receive operation on the Air Band, the VXA-710 Spirit also provides extensive VOR and CDI Navigation tools, along with convenient reception of the NOAA, WFM Broadcast band during down time. And you get the additional monitoring excitement of the Business Radio Service (BRS) band and in 2-Meter band (FM 144MHz Band), a Vertex Standard exclusive! 

The VXA-710 Spirit comes packaged with: antenna, antenna adapter (CN-3) to convert from SMA to BNC, wall charger, Lithium battery pack, and headset adapter (CT-96)

Submersible (IPX7)
The VXA-710's case, speaker enclosure, and controls
are carefully sealed against water ingress, allowing
the transceiver to be specified for protection against
water ingress per IPX7 specifications (immersion to
3 feet/1 m for 30 minutes). So you need not fear
using your VXA-710 during severe weather.
The channel configurations can be easily re-programmed
in minutes using the optional PC Programming cable
(CT-29+CT-97), software (CE75) and your PC. As
your operating needs change, you can quickly reprogram
your Spirit with the important frequency
data you need.
One Touch Emergency Frequency Access
For lightning-fast access to the 121.5 MHz Emergency
Frequency, a dedicated key on the front panel assures
you of no delays in summoning help in an emergency.

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