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Compact High Performance HF Transceiver

Blending the high performance digital frequency synthesis techniques from the FT-890 with the operating convenience and affordability of the FT-747GX, the FT-840 adds a choice of two optional remote automatic antenna tuners and a wealth of convenient functions. For compact base and mobile stations, the FT-840 set the new standard for high-performance affordable transceivers. As a first-time rig, back-up or main station transceiver, the FT-840 has the features and dependability that both beginners and seasoned operators will appreciate.

Low Noise Receiver
The receiver section of the FT-840 includes direct feed to the first mixer, for excellent rejection of intermodulation. The careful design yields a highly sensitive receiver that is renowned for its "quiet" performance.
Ease of Operation
Without the clutter and complexity of some other rigs, the FT-840's outstanding ergonomics mean you always find the button or control you need quickly. The reduced number of keys also means that there is a greater proportion of the front panel space dedicated to the display than on competing rigs.
IF Shift
To help reduce interference on SSB or CW, the IF Shift feature allows you to move the center frequency of the passband around, rolling off interference from either the high or low side. Once a feature only found on top of the line transceivers, it's here for you on the FT-840!
Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
The lightning-fast DDS system provides instant lock time for the synthesizer, along with ultra-fine tuning steps, for silky-smooth tuning similar to that found on older analog VFOs.
Computer Control Capability
The FT-840 supports Yaesu's CAT System for computer control. Use your favorite logging program to read your current operating frequency, or send frequency commands based on "spots" from your local packet cluster.

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